Eli Zimmerman Capstone

After six months of extensive research and communicating with city officials I have concluded we as people should provide the homeless with free easy access storage. The ability to store ones belongings should be treated as a human right. In order to have security and self being one must have the right to sanctuary and access to secure their belongings. For the homeless population the goal is to return people back to society. Studies and pilot programs done in progressive west coast cities like San Diego and countries like Finland have shown that public storage reaps positive results. Everyday some people struggle to find dependable places to place their belongings. For this reason it would be detrimental to continue to not prioritize a method of public access lockers for the homeless if we wish to ensure their protection. This report explores two possible solutions to public storage, each on a different scale. The purpose of this project is to introduce, propose, and flesh out methods of tackling the issue at hand.