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Comparing "Taming of the Shrew" to "Just Go With It”

Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew shows how love can be perceived in many ways and how it may conflict with a character's state of mind. The root of love stems many questions within itself, and can be very hard to boil down to one sole ideal. Because of this, people who may believe themselves to be in love can find themselves questioning this fact and second guessing their feelings. This idea is seen throughout Dennis Dugan's Just Go With It

In comparison with Taming of the ShrewJust Go With It follows the story of a middle aged man named Danny who wants to find a synthetic love after being cheated on by his wife on his wedding day. Taming of the Shrew showcases the idea of a man named Petruchio who comes across as having a double sided personality- on one end, he is a man of honor who has endured many struggles while on the other he is a mercenary seeking to marry for wealth. Both pieces prove that the idea of loving someone is best approached when both parties have an understanding for one another because love isn't stagnant, but rather that something that develops through the progression of a relationship. 

"I come to wive it wealthily in Padua; If wealthily, then happy in Padua."

(Act I, Scene II, 76-77)

In this quote, Petruchio conveys how he wants to be wed to a rich woman whom would make him happy. This shows how his idea of love is not the ideal idea but a philosophy he decides to live by. It also presses the idea of being in a relationship can be deceiving when one is in it for the money.

Danny in 'Just Go With It' also finds himself against a women who opposes his view points on their relationship.

In the middle of the film from 'Just Go With It' Jennifer Anistons character "Katherine Murphy" confronts our protagonist (Danny) about his ideas in their made believe relationship. As Katherine had to pretend to be Danny's wife throughout the film to avoid Danny from getting his feelings hurt from the woman he had met at the club named Palmer. This relates to the quote above due to the two ideas Petruchio views and Danny views not being something that's ideal to the other characters.  
"Be patient, gentlemen. I choose her for myself.
If she and I be pleased, what's that to you?
'Tis bargained 'twixt us twain, being alone,
That she shall still be curst in company.
I tell you, 'tis incredible to believe"

(Act 2, Scene I, 321-326)

In this quote Petruchio obviously lies when he says Kate has agreed to marry him. This shows how deceptive he is when it came to the 'marriage' as he wanted riches and did not care for the actual 'love' involved in the relationship. 

This quote also shows a truth into Danny's life in 'Just Go With It." 

In the middle of the film, Danny and Katherine are on a date. Danny's facial expression indicates that he is not enjoying the date that they are on . In relation to the quote above, Petruchio seems to be cunning as tells lies and tries to get into a marriage for riches. Danny on the other hand is also cunning in a way in which he initially wanted Katherine to pretend to be his wife and this artificial relationship took a turn to bite Danny in the butt. 
In conclusion, the Taming of the Shrew in comparison to Just Go With It both had the idea of relationships being deceptive and unwilling to change for the better. The Shrew had the idea of Petruchio wanting to be in a wealthy relationship in which he could prosper. While Danny in Just Go With It wanted to be in a relationship in which he would no longer get hurt, but ended up making many lies to cover up that he is single when he met Palmer (the girl of his dreams). Danny could have been honest but due to his past experiences he was confined into being a deceptive person in the relationship.

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Ayala Silverman (Student 2019)
Ayala Silverman

This movie was an interesting choice that you were able to compare with the play really nicely. Your comparison highlighted the fact that not everything in a relationship is real.

Shilo Kendall (Student 2019)
Shilo Kendall

This topic is really interesting. Bringing up the idea of how love progresses through a relationship is really cool. It sort of goes against love at first sight. Good Job!