Eric Casalena Capstone

So for my capstone project, I made a video of me debunking two common misconceptions about knight armor that many people believe. Those misconceptions are, “Armor is weak” and “Armor is cumbersome”. Although my final product is a video lasting 5 minutes and 30 seconds, the process took a while to get where I wanted to be when making my video. The first thing I did was a lot of research on knight armor. I watched videos talking about the same topic, I read articles from different sources, watch videos of people wearing actual knight armor and testing it out to see what it can do, and the list goes on from what I researched. After doing research on knight armor, I started to do some research on how to even make an informational video. Having some information on how to start making videos, I started my script. The script was interesting to do because I found myself getting sidetracked a lot with my topics because im very interested in my topic but I got it done. After getting my script done, I worked on my video and it wasn’t that bad. After my process, I learned a lot of new information. I learned different types of armors and what century they are from, terms, and stuff about knights.


  1. Middle Ages

    At first, I really didn’t want to use this source because the website is mostly used for kids but, after reading it, it did list some nice facts that will be helpful for me later down the line. It doesn’t go into much detail on what each armor piece did or what it is made out of but it did do a good job saying what knights used and wore.

  2. Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History, and more!

    I like how interactive this website is. This website also gave me what I thought the previous website was missing. Also, I like how it states some myths involving knight armor.
  3. The Armor of an English Medieval Knight

With this website, It talks about the importance of the armor to a knight at first then it breaks down the different armor pieces a knight would wear. I like how they mention shields because shields played a big part in a knight’s arsenal.

  1. Medieval Knight

This source, it lists how to become a knight and what are traditions they need to know and do before even getting knighted. This is useful because it says that knights are not some random dude in armor, they are smart, wealthy person who knows how to fight.

  1. Common Misconceptions

What I like about this article is that it both, denies and confirms if some misconceptions of knight armor are true or not. The main reason why I hear people say knight armor sucks is that they just listen to common misconceptions that aren’t true. With this list, I can mention how the misconceptions are false

  1. Debunking the biggest myths about knight’s armor

Written by: Steve Charnock Steve Charnock is a freelance writer who scribbles all sorts of things for all sorts of people and Steve Charnock is a freelance writer who scribbles all sorts of things for all sorts of people

Like the previous source, this debunks some of the biggest myths involving knight armor. I feel like debunking myths in anything is very important because not only does it show things that are not true, it can also hurt the reputation of the topic in question.

  1. Suit of Armor Close-Up: The medieval Harness

What I like about this website is that it goes into detail about every piece of armor a would wear.

  1. Can a Real Suit of Armor Stop a Bullet

In this video, we see actually some bullets being stopped by knight armor. I feel like this video will be good to show because its shows the strength of the armor instead of talking about it.

  1. Katana vs. Longsword - Debunked

This video shows the strength of a sword a knight might use. The knight’s sword withstood a strike from a katana and ruined the katana in the process, but the knight’s sword only broke after another knight’s sword struck it.

  1. Mobility in Medieval Plate Armor.

I like this video a lot because it shows many athletic things being done in knight armor. It also shows them taking blows to each other so it also shows the durability of the armor as well.

  1. The TRUTH About Full Plate