Eye of the Tiger Podcast 1

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Nzinga Suluki-Bey (Student 2019)
Nzinga Suluki-Bey

I didn't get to finish the podcast, but the little I heard informed me about the book and how each person felt. I liked how comfortable they felt with each other and I could hear the passion for the text

Catherine Long (Student 2019)
Catherine Long
  1. I learned about the characters and the religions within the book.

  2. Voices were clear and the summary was a good, giving information but not having it be super long. The music was a nice touch too.

Leah Bradstreet (Student 2019)
Leah Bradstreet
  1. I learned the background information right off the bat. I learned about the personality of the characters. I found out just how deeply Indian religions had permeated the storyline and why it was part of the themes. Interestingly, I got some backstory outside of the story on colonialism and how that affected the story.
  2. I liked that the focused on the same things the author spent a lot of attention to as well. I liked their theories of the motivation of Balam and those around him. I liked that the members analyzed the character faults as well and asked very deep questions. I liked how they kept returned the previous themes from earlier in the podcast. I liked how they continuously raised the level of the themes explored.
Brendan Barnes (Student 2019)
Brendan Barnes

I learned about the book and the characters, this book is also connected in with religion. I enjoyed listening to this podcast because the flow of it was really smooth.

Rebecca Snyder (Student 2019)
Rebecca Snyder

I learned about how the book presents the caste system through this man's story. It touched on a lot of the themes of the book through this system. I really enjoyed the production quality of this podcast, it was edited well and the conversation had a nice flow.

Boubou Magassa (Student 2019)
Boubou Magassa
  1. There is a summary in the beginning, very detailed analysis of small clues of given in the book that build off into bigger conversations.

  2. The music is nice in the beginning, The audio is clear and nice, I enjoy the light feel of the conversation, there are no arguments. I can clearly understand how you guys feel, showing your different personalities.

Eli Zimmerman (Student 2019)
Eli Zimmerman

First off I really like the title. I learned that I should have picked this book, it seems like a lot is going to happen in the novel and I'm excited to listen in on what is going to happen. I didn't expect the book to have a deeper meaning when I first glanced it over. I like the quotes chosen and the flow of the talk.

Matthew Milligan (Student 2019)
Matthew Milligan
  1. I learned more about the religions that the characters interact with in the book, (Islam & Hinduism) and how those religions can be used to manipulate people.
  2. I really liked the music you guys had in the beginning of the podcast. You also gave a good summary of what the book was about without giving too much away. Throughout the podcast you guys had a relaxed and easy to follow pace which I appreciated.
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo (Student 2019)
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo

I was able to learn about the book so far and the themes/connections to history that come up. Which I really enjoyed about the podcast because of all the examples and connections showed that everyone knew what was going on in the book.