Feeding Starving Children- Road to Recovery

Blog Post #2

Siarra Cummings

Feeding Starving Children

In my first blog post I told you guys that I decided to do my project on feeding starving children. My first post was basically about my views on the issue and my passionate reasons on making this more aware. I talked about different organizations I would like to get involved with like feed my starving children organization. Also a little background story on why I chose to do my You and the World project about this topic.   

I decided to go deeper in my research of starving children and I looked at the whole world and what they were doing about it. One of the website I came across is Do Something. Do something is an organization that lists facts about world hunger and gets the word out.  They do different campaigns across the world and take action on feeding starving children. 98% is the percentage of world hunger that is in underdeveloped countries. Most countries in Asia and Africa has the highest count of people suffering from hunger. 1 in 15 children die from being malnourished in underdeveloped countries as well. Sometimes it’s not about whether or not a parent can feed a child, it’s about where they live and if they have enough resources to get food. Some parents don’t have the right resources to get out of the places they live and affects their family and them as well. The organization’s main focus is on everyone not just children and I think that’s important too.  

This is a map from Unicef about children in different countries dieing from hunger related issues. Most of the children dieing reside in Africa and Asia as I stated in the last paragraph. Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger related issues and it’s sad.  We lose about 3 million children every year from cases like this. That’s why I wanted to research this problem and see what people were doing about it. The problem is decreasing since organizations like FMSC and the Hunger Project have gotten involved.

In my research I have learned a lot of things about my topic. People are aware of starving children and they are doing something about it. I decided to research more on what people are doing about it and what countries are doing well with helping others. Most of you already know about the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) organization that was stated in my last blog post. They are one of the biggest organizations worried about this problem in the world but we need more. I decided to look up organizations that were helping kids with hunger and a website that popped up was Save The Children.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete my interview for my project but I did get most of my questions answered from the Feed My Starving Children organization. I already knew that they were a Christian organization but I wanted to know why. When I talked to one of the ladies that worked at the organization she said the it’s God who call them out to give food to the malnourished children. Like when I went to one of their packing sites every time they ship food out to children they don’t know sometimes if it’s actually gonna get there (thankfully 99% of the meals get where they need to go). So they pray over the food and I think it was a wonderful thing to experience and watch. One of their main saying is food is the foundation, it all starts with the food. As of now they have 3 nutritional based foods. Each pack of food serves a different purpose. They have Manna Pack Rice which is their first product and what they make the most of. They get volunteers to actually make these Manna Pack foods so we can all help and have that purpose.

Check out my annotated bibliography for more!

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