Felix d'Hermillon Capstone

My name is Felix d’Hermillon, and for the last eight months I have been working on a project to give back to the community somehow. For a while I wanted to record an album that I would be able to post on icloud but It didn’t really feel right. After watching Back to the Future, a specific scene from the movie caught my eye. The scene where Marty McFly plays the gig at prom, and I realized how relatable that scene was to the scenario that I am in, considering I would be having prom soon. My final project that I decided to go with was a musical performance at prom. The requirements of the capstone project were to give back to the community in some way, and I think that music is one of the best ways that you can relate with somebody and everybody enjoys some type of music especially if they’re at a prom! I managed to scrape a band together and here we are! I have learned what it’s like to get a show together.