FFTT Creative Project "Chapter 31: Grace"

I worked with Valeria!

Val and Sebina - FFTT Project Draft - English 1 (1)

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Kyla Bivins (Student 2024)
Kyla Bivins

Ummm very much yes! I'm craving the way you guys brought Max into the chapter with Grace! This is such a creative chapter, that I would've never thought about this!

Maralese Morales (Student 2024)
Maralese Morales

I really enjoyed your project! It sounds so professional and honestly, if I wasn't provided with context, I would've thought the author wrote it. The vocabulary usage was amazing, and it really sounded like something out of the book. I don't think it gets better than this, great work guys :)

Gina Zou (Student 2024)
Gina Zou

Omg yesss this is amazing! This is what actually should have happened from the book and the why yall wrote it felt as if I was reading another chapter:) Good jobbb