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Bernicia Guercio (Student 2013)
Bernicia Guercio

Impressed: I really like your website! It looks good and has a lot of good information! Confused: Who are you contacting? Bob Casey Improvements: Add Statistics about where immigrants come from.

Jessica Hinton (Student 2013)
Jessica Hinton

Facts: D.R.E.A.M Act Allows undocumented immigrants to gain temporary citizenship They have to pay out of state tuition, even though they may have lived in the state for many years. Or will be made to pay international tuition. Some colleges won't accept you if you're an undocumented citizen. Plans to contact Bob Casey, and get him on board. Pennsylvania is one of the few states that allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition. Only six states

I am impressed by… I knew a little bit about the D.R.E.A.M Act before today, but I definitely did learn more information about who this affects, and the longterm effects on these immigrants. The statistics that I learned were definitely surprising.

I am confused about… Nothing.

Areas for improvement are… Find statistics about the different countries that people are immigrating to America from. Reach out to more states to get them on board Interview people about their views on this topic.

Symone Smith (Student 2013)
Symone Smith

"I am impressed by" International tuition.

She had nice information. I didn't know that undocumented immigrates have to pay inter nations tuition to get into college. I like how this issue kind of hits home for her because she knows people who are going through the issue at this time. I think its nice how she looked at comments from Youtube and used youtube as a resources. Interesting how she includes that people just assume that mexicans are the only ones here illegally.

"I am confused by" Who do you plan to contact?

"Areas for improvement are" Look more into organizations that deal with this issue.

Jennifer Wright (Student 2013)
Jennifer Wright

I really like this website, it's so pretty. I wish I hadn't used Google Sites. There is succinct information and you covered all the bases with stats and points of view.