Final Perspective Drawing

One thing that I learned that I didn't before was about the orthogonal lines. I learned about one point perspective and horizontal and vertical lines, but not orthogonal. 
Learning about orthogonal lines really made my drawings look better. Knowing that my drawings look more realistic instead of trying to look perfect or on point. 
If I was to do this assignment differently, I would have spent more time on the actual drawing than a rough copy. I seemed to have wasted a lot of time on the rough copy and didn't manage my time well with the final piece. My advice to someone who's never drawn a one point perspective is to remember the three important lines: Horizontal, Vertical, and Orthogonal. 
I think they are the 3 most important things when drawing a one point perspective drawing because it can't be a one point perspective drawing if these 3 lines aren't included in it. The resource that really helped me the most was the slide that Ms. Hull created. I was able to see a visual of the side of the room, I was drawing and each step was explained clearly so I was able to catch up despite my time management.