Final Perspective Drawing

One thing I learned in the process of drawing this I have learned was how to draw orthogonal lines that are straight and go all the way back to your vanishing point, making things look genuinely 3D.An orthogonal line is a line that connects to another line creating a right angle. An orthogonal line alone would just look normal and flat but when you combine it with our vanishing point technique then you get to see a whole new picture that has become 3D and seems to be real.This made my drawing better by giving my sketches mew depth. Before I learned about orthogonal lines all my work looked flat and dull but after learning and understanding how to use orthogonal lines it brought a whole new type of life into my works.If I where to re-draw this I would hang the way I colored the picture. I used crayon, which I thought would give the finished product a more soft look to it giving it a sort of flow making it easy to look at. Although I realized after I finished coloring that it took away from the meaning in my pencil lines, making the picture look childish overall. Tracing the lines with crayon was also very difficult, my lines came out different widths and lengths making quite a few of my lines appear to be tilted when they where not, taking away from the finished look.Some advice I have for someone who has never drawn in one point perspective would be, to sit down with your drawing and take your time, rushing will just make you frustrated, and that will make your lines crooked. Also don't be afraid to erase, you are going to make mistakes and your going to have to make lines in places that will get covered with other shapes. If you need to erase do so.The most helpful resource at my disposal I would say, would have to be my peers. I was unsure about what to do when I started drawing and I almost gave up, but before I had a chance a few of my classmates came up to me and got me drawing. When I would get frustrated and thrown my ruler and swear I was quitting my peers would calm me down and explain what I was doing wrong to help me finish. All in all without them I wouldn't have had the patience to finish my perspective.
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