Final Perspective Drawing

What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before.

One thing I learned specifically that I did not know before was in general terms, how to draw things in one point perspective.

 How did leaning this thing make your drawings better.

Learning this thing made my drawing better because it added depth and detail to a drawing that would usually be boring to look at.

 If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

If I did this assignment again, I would definitely add more detail such as the board or more tables and stools, and possibly even more details to the ceiling or floor.

 What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

My advice to someone trying one point perspective drawing for the first time is to get help if your stuck! Do not expect help to come by itself if your are lost, you have to ask for help. 

What resource helped you the most and why?

Your example on moodle of your drawing helped me understand the basics of a one point perspective drawing and therefore I could create the drawing once I understand the background information of how to do so.