Final Stamp Design

While making this piece I had to brainstorm ideas and words that represent me and who I am. Some of the words that I thought of were, caring, friendly, flexible, tall, outgoing, and book lover. Although from first glance you may not be able to tell why this symbol represents me, knowing the words involved and meaning behind it, will make it easier to understand. While making this stamp I wanted to have flexibility involved. Life can throw many things your way, and sometimes plans can change at last minute, and I can be really tolerant of that. So I incorporated the circle to represent my flexibility. For friendly, I try to be as nice as I can to everyone, and I have lots of friends, which the lines that connect to me outer circle are. Lots of lines mean lots of friends, and I’m a pretty friendly person. The flower in the middle is supposed to represent my caring. I have lots of empathy for people I meet, and will always look out for a friend. When I think of flowers, I think of gentle and caring things.

The assignments were to brainstorm about 10 words that described us, mine you can find here. Our next assignment was to sketch out our ideas in our sketch book, and pick the one we like best, than today we would cut out the positive and negative spaces and paste it into our sketchbook.

Positive and negative space play large roles in this stamp project. If I were to just draw lines without and space to them, I wouldn't have shapes, only cuts in paper. Thinking about it in the form of a stamp, if I were to put the stamp into ink, it wouldn't pick any up, and would be just a blob of ink.

When Mrs. Hull explained positive and negative space to the classroom, I thought I understood it well, and it was easy to understand, but it wasn’t. I tried to make a few positive space drawings, and they never turned out quite how positive space really is. I asked mr. Herrera how it should look, and he explained it well to me. Also, looking at pictures of negative space, like the one here, helped me understand. That is what I learned about positive and negative space.