Gina Dukes Q4 Benchmark

This is the link to my website that details how America would be today if the Supreme court did not decide that "separate but equal" was unconstitutional in the Brown v. Board of Education case. The point of divergence that I focused on was instead of dying, Chief of Justice Fred M. Vinson lives and Earl Warren does not take his place, therefore Vinson is alive to rule against Brown in the case.

My Reflection:

What I liked about this project is that we were given complete freedom of which point in history to focus on. Also, I loved the fact that we were given the power to change the course of American history to anything that we wanted. The most challenging thing about this project was focusing on completing it in the midst of working on other projects that had to be completed. I am also a huge procrastinator, so it was a challenge for me to complete everything on time. The most interesting fact that there were many cases similar to Brown v. Board of Education, however, the NAACP chose to have Oliver Brown present his case because they felt that his character was very respectable and would give them a good chance of having a verdict in their favor.

In my project, the actions of a few individuals had a major impact on the course of American history. Once Martin Luther King Jr., Kivie Kaplan and Malcolm X joined to fund three schools in the segregated American South that was specifically for Blacks, they set off a Renaissance in Education in which Blacks fought hard to receive the same quality education as Whites. The systematic changes impact the historical record in a momentous way as well, because once segregation was deemed constitutional in the Brown v. Board of Education case, it lasted for a few decades in the United States until Blacks began to reach the same economic and education standards as Whites and President Clinton abolished segregation in 1995.One decision can greatly influence the course of history. As shown in my project, the Brown v. Board of Education case rocked America and determined the role of African Americans for years to come.

 I think that this project could have been improved if students were allowed to choose the number of primary sources they needed to make for each new event, instead of their being a minimum of 2.If I had to do it over again, I would not procrastinate as much and I would also put more effort into my primary sources.