Goodbyes in Spanish by Sophie Deoliveira

​What you need to know:

1. what some nice friendly goodbyes are in spanish and translated in English

2. why would you need them

3. which are informally and formal to use

Adios- Bye (can use it for anyone)

Chao- Bye (slang)

Mucho gusto- Nice meeting you

Un placer- It's a pleasure

Encantado/a- delighted to meet you

Hasta Mañana- see you tomorrow

Hasta luego- See you later

2) You need these goodbyes to be able to end a conversation or at least be polite about talking to the person when you want to leave.

Here's an example:
3) Well basically everything else you can say to anybody except "Chao" is a type of slang word so you would want to normally use it to a peer or someone younger than you

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