Great Depression/Great Recession by Taylor Veasley and Martez Card

For our project we chose to do visuals on We chose this because the themes and layouts for this website are really creative and fun so they would make the project enjoyable to look at. Each link will take you to a different visual, each describing wither the Great Depression, the Great Recession, or comparing both. Our project covers all aspects of both events and breaks the causes and effects down in a way that is both simple but informative. We worked very hard on this, so we hope you enjoy it !

This source is from the second part of a series called War, Depression, and War, 1914-1945. The source begins with an explanation of why the Great Depression began. They focus on the banks and the stock market aspect of the crash. Then the article goes on to talk about how other people view the Great Depression and what caused it. Then the article talks about how the government responded to the crisis. Then the author really dives into the New Deals and what they were and what caused them.

This is a very useful source. I find it useful because of first they way it is set up. The article is broken up with titles over each section describing what is inside of each. The article also provides an analysis of the Great Depression and of how people saw it and their opinions on what happened. There was one problem though, the article does seem a little bias in my opinion he mentions a lot of views but they all seem to be leaning towards the same thing.

This source is very helpful because it helped me get a clear view on what the New Deal and the Great Depression was also it helps me to analyze other people’s thoughts and compare my ideas upon theirs. I like this source also because it dives into theories and reasonings for happenings inside of this time period.
This source is a promotional video for the New Deal. The source talks about all of the problems that the New Deal will solve and how they will go about solving those problems. The purpose of this video was to gain supporters of the New Deal. The director did a great job at making the New Deal seem appealing to all citizens. The video covers a lot of aspects of the plan, they cover the jobs that the New Deal was supposed to provide, how the farms will be turned into roads so that trading is easier, and how different places in the US, that need it, will receive construction on failing roads and buildings.

This source is very useful because it shows you how the government wanted everyone to see the New Deal. The government sugar coated everything and made it seem like with this new and improved plan that everyone’s problems would just go away. You see just how media can easily shape someone’s decisions and beliefs and also how you only see what the government wants you to see.

This source was very helpful, I got a totally different perspective on the New Deal. This video showed you what the purpose of the New Deal was and the effect that they wanted the New Deal to have on citizens. The way it was delivered was very clear because it was made for the average citizen not a politician. I also learned a lot from the visuals throughout the video, they showed what the “average” american citizen looked like during that time period. I found this video very interesting and very informative.

This source talks about Herbert Hoover and how he was elected mainly because of people believing him for promising the new deal and it made them excited and seem to have something to look forward to for the near future. This also talks about the things that he started to do during his presidency and things that he was changing hoping to please people and make the new deal work for the better and help get the country back on track. This also talks about the various things that the new deal made like 3 million men were able to work because of an program that was very successful within the new deal.  

This is a useful source because it lets you know reasons as to why people chose Hoover and why they believed in the new deal. This also tells what the new deal was able to do and how it was able to create jobs to help people and get people to be able to have jobs again.

This source is helpful because it give me in depth details about the new deal and some of the things that it was able to change and how it helped people and also led to the choice of who won the election.

This source talks about when the great depression started and how long it lasted and also talks about the things that happen during the great depression. This source gives a basic general summary about the great depression and the big things that factored into it. This also talks about how president Hoover didn’t think that this was going to be as serious as it was and thought that this was just going to be something that would fly past really fast and then the economy would be back on track and back to normal. This source also states that the worse part of the great depression happen while Franklin Roosevelt was in office in 1933 and how within his 8 years in office he was able to help get the economy back on track and how his new deal permanently change the federal government's relationship with the US.

This source is useful because it talks about how Roosevelt’s new deal had an effect on the great depression and also how things were during this time while giving people a basic background on this historic event. This source also helps people see how these two presidents helped change the bad and help the economy become stable once again after a period of time and plenty of hard work.

This source is helpful because it summarizes the great depression and the main causes and reason for it also the main things and people that helped change the country to help us get out of this depression. Also this source can give information that you may not have known such as when the worse part of the depression and what things changed and impacted the US longer than just this depression.

This source talks about the policy during the great recession and that one of the reasons for the great recession was having a poor policy and poor choices on the policy by the federal government. This source also talks about how the federal government made different and better choices from this recession to the one in 2008 and 2009 and how things became better during those two.  

This source is useful because it explains a reason for the cause of the great recession and also lets you know about some of the choices that the federal government made that had an effect on the recession overall and how the changed choices they had in another recession were good.,,contentMDK:22840795~pagePK:146736~piPK:146830~theSitePK:258599,00.html

This source talks about how the great recession affected people in europe and central asia and how it affected their countries. It splits up different causes for the great recession in chapters and labels them them by what big thing happened to contribute to the great recession then goes into detail about each one of the different causes throughout the whole chapter.

This source was useful because it gave me a better understanding about how the great recession affect other countries as well as america and also I learned about many different causes the contributed to the great recession and an in depth analysis about them.

This source is very helpful and was a huge contributor to my knowledge of the great recession. The source is an interview given by a host on NPR and the interviewee was a specialist on America’s economy he also studies other country’s economies and compares them. I found the interviewee to be a wonderful source because he studies economies for a living and can give major insight on how we were affected with international economic knowledge.

The article speaks about why the Great Recession is still affecting America today and exactly how the Great Recession still affects us today. The interview gave the most insight into unemployment and how a lot of Americans are still unemployed even four years later. This was possibly the most devastating aspect of the Great Recession. We not only still have a suffering unemployment rate but it’s getting worse. Another aspect that I enjoyed and that was very helpful about the interview was that he also made predictions of what would happen in the future. Based on his knowledge of the European economy and our current economy he made predictions of what our economy will look like in the years going forward.
Happy 5th birthday, Great Recession! I hope you get hit by a truck. The title of this article says it all, while being incredibly witty and extremely sarcastic this source is very informative. This article begin with explaining exactly what the Great Recession was which I found very helpful. He did not go into extreme detail but covered the major points of this event and it was a wonderful refresher to remind us of what happened.

After reminding us of our economic crash the author goes on to dive into the effects of the Great Recession on our economy today. I think the most helpful aspect of the article was when he mentioned when the economy actually was revived. For a short time period our economy had hope, and this was the only source that actually acknowledges this. I found this to be very interesting and unique to this source. I also found that this article also mentions the European economy just like the source analyzed above. I saw that this was a  recurring pattern of mentioning European economies.
This was an amazing source, it covered just about every area of the Great Depression. The author didn't drone on about small details that wouldn't make much of a difference but they covered the main points of the Great Depression. I also liked this source because of the way it was organized, each page has what it is about at the title so if you're looking for a specific aspect of this event you can easily find it. 

This source was used for all of our posts about the Great Depression because the information in this article was so helpful. The author spoke about the time leading up to the event and the time following the event. The author also covers how the event affected not just the people of the United States but countries all around the world. It was interesting to hear how this national epidemic went global. This article was organized very nicely and was well thought out.

This was another great source. It is from the same website as the source about Great Depression which I liked because then everything is kind of relative. If they are from the same website you can trust the information equally and articles have the same flow. This article flows smoothly and is concise and to the point. I enjoyed that the author did not make the articles very long and just went to main details because it makes it easier to read and comprehend. 

The best part about this article was when she compared what Obama left out of his plan for the Great Recession that they used in the plan for the Great Depression. The author made that comparison of how America sometimes learns from their mistakes and sometimes does not. I found that very interesting. The other topics that were covered were kept short but the author went over the material very well and it seems as though a lot of work was put into the article to make sure that it was not only historically sound but also just quality writing.
The link used for the picture of Obama.
The link used for the picture of FDR.
This website was used to find the amount of money spent during the war by multiple countries. This website was extremely helpful and easy to understand.
This website was used to get the main points of the Great Depression. We did not use this website to address any reasons to why or hw anything happened just a very broad overview of this event. I liked this website for that very reason, that they have bullet points and little blurbs about each topic.
This was the website that was used to help us to figure out why the Stock Market Crash of 1929 happened. This website was helpful, it was a little hard to understand when you first read it but is actually broken down into convenient pieces that are very understandable if you pay attention to what you are reading.