Greetings and Goodbyes

The first thing you need to know when having a converstation in spanish is to know how to say " hello!" or "How are you?" This blog is here to help-

Below is a picture of two people meeting for the first time:

Woman- "Hola, Como te llama?"
Man- " Hola, Me nombre es Fred; y tu?"
Woman- "Me llamo Lauren; Musto gusto!"
Man- "Igualmemte."


Woman- "Hello, what is your name?"
Man- "My name is Fred; and you?"
Woman- " I'm Lauren; Nice to meet you!"
Man- "Likewise."

The woman quickly stated her name
 Girl 1- " Hola, Como estas?"
Girl 2- " Hola, mas o menos, gracias. Y tú?
Girl 1- "Moy bien, gracias."
Girl1 -"¡Adios!"
Girl 2-" ¡Adios!"

 Girl 1- " hello, How are you?"
Girl 2- " Hello, so-so, thank you, and you?"
Girl 1- " Very good, thank you."
Girl 2- " Goodbye."
Girl 1- " Goodbye."

Hope this blog helped!!!

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