Guatemala (Klales & Marshall)

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Jalisa Smith (Student 2014)
Jalisa Smith

1) Spoke clearly. 2) What you were saying made sense. 3) I like the ending image. 4) I like that you explained your activities. 5) I like that you gave the days you did those activities. Recommendations: 1) I feel like it would have been fun if you added music to it. 2)I like the transitions

Jalen Smith (Student 2014)
Jalen Smith

I noticed that in some parts of the project there were some mumbling. That was the only concern that I had but everything else was great. Job well done.

Taylor Ximines (Student 2014)
Taylor Ximines
  1. Nice presentation.
  2. Places you visited were nice.
  3. The way it started out was very nice.
  4. Voices were very clear when presenting.
  5. Very beautiful. Recommendations:
  6. Include pictures of yourself.
  7. Make it less boring