Haitian Occupation

The Haitian Occupation was when the U.S. got involved with Haiti to use as a naval base and reduce foreign influence so there would be less to compete for. There were many bad outcomes from the involvement of the United States, but there were positive aspects as well that allowed Haiti to become more independent from the other nations that were controlling it as well. We decided to focus on this topic because it seemed less well known than the Haitian Revolution, and there were many events that lead up to the beginning and the end of the Haitian Occupation. We decided to create more of a timeline because it illustrates what happened and how it happened. (There weren't a lot of statistical evidence about this time period, so we stuck to important dates that explained why this event in history happened).

Comments (3)

Mitchell Berven-Stotz (Student 2016)
Mitchell Berven-Stotz

Your infographic was very nice to look at, and was very organized, but could benefit from many more numbers to add support to your information. I found the conclusion that the US involvement was nothing but good for Haiti interesting.

Zoe Schwingel-Sauer (Student 2016)
Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

The design of your inforgraphic is very effective. It's easy to follow and pleasing to the eye. The one question I have is why did each thing happen? The outcomes explain what the result was, but it's unclear why each action/event happened. What was the U.S.'s motive? It is also unclear who assassinated the Haitian presidents— the U.S. military? Your design was really nice.