Have you found out what's in your Happy Meal yet?

Do you ever stop and look at the nutrition facts before you take a bite of your juicy McDouble? On McDonald's own website they tell you as much as they want to asin what’s in the McDouble. In the bread alone there are many different chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to human health. They claim that their patties are 100% beef and I highly doubt that. I again ask do you ever stop and take a look at the nutrition facts before you take a bite of your food. 9 times out of 10 you don’t and that is exactly what my project is about. We as humans never stop and think about what is actually in the food we eat from fast food restaurants. What I hope and want my project to accomplish is bringing awareness to what really is in fast food. I became interested in this topic because my brother is 30 pounds overweight for his age and I am 100% sure it is because of fast food. I want to bring awareness to kids like him and all of America really because none of us and look to see what we are eating. You can get a lot more information on my topic in my first blog post."4% of the Meat in a Mcdouble Is Real Beef,What's the Other 96%?" Our Food. Your Questions. McDonald's, n.d. Web. 11 May 2015. <http://yourquestions.mcdonalds.ca/questions/9246>. ( Challenges McDonald’s claim to 100% beef)Screenshot 2015-05-11 at 10.38.56 PM.png

Since my first blog post I have explored my other 2 fast food restaurants that I wanted to dig deeper into Chipotle and Chic-fil-A . One that particularly surprised me was Chic-Fil-a. Chic-fil-a makes the claim that they’re chicken is real and children in our generation have debated about this and it has become this big epidemic rather or not Chic-Fil-a’s chicken is real or not. Well fortunately I found some information on that subject. In a Chic-fil-a chicken sandwich there are 100 ingredients and 18 preservatives. The FDA allows these companies to add these preservatives but there is a limit. However they don’t say anything when companies add different preservatives and put them all together. When I read this article I was appalled to find out what TBHQ does to the human body. TBHQ is found in Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s and now Chic-fil-a products. Too much of this chemical can cause ADHD in children, asthma, allergies and stomach cancer. Not only is TBHQ is in Chic-fil-a’s chicken but in their buns too.  Chic-fil-a has become very popular this year and hearing this changes my whole view on Chic-fil-a and their food.

For my original research I decided to do a survey because it best fit my issue because the answers are shocking. It started with the simple question “What is your favorite fast food restaurant?” 50% of the people who took my survey said Chic-fil-a which is understandable because many people believe it to be the healthiest choice when it isn’t. The question that surprised me was the question that asked “How many ingredients are in McDonald’s fries?” What surprised me is that many people picked the highest number for the amount of ingredients in their fries and I thought that maybe they read my first blog post and got the answer but it was pretty cool that many of them got the right answer for that question.

I’m kind of in between whether or not this worked out for my PIC. It did show that some people don’t know what they were eating but they weren’t the answers I was hoping for to really prove my point. Although it didn’t turn out how I wish it could’ve I still had many people who took the survey for me and that was great. I think this topic is very much so alive in the rest of the world and the SLA community and I want to be that person to bring awareness to what we are eating. I’m still wondering about what are some more things I can do to bring awareness to this issue and really make a difference.

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Jamal Hampton (Student 2018)
Jamal Hampton

I admired all the accurate information that you educated me about. The reason why I chose to read your blog post rather than anyone else's is because the last few months I have quit eating McDonalds after I really found out a thing that they put in their food. I always knew that it was unhealthy and not the best thing to eat but I never knew it was super bad for you!

Arielle Moore (Student 2018)
Arielle Moore

This was so interesting to read. I like the way that you incorporated the statistics while also displaying your opinion of the topic. I can tell that you are passionate about this issue and have delved deep into it in order to locate specific information. Another interesting thing that you did was that you found specific chemicals that each company incorporates into their foods. Your agent of change seems like it's going to be effective in changing this issue.

Christian McCormac (Student 2018)
Christian McCormac

I thought that all of the information that you included in your blog post was cool and I also thought your blog post was very interesting and kept the audience in touch. I also thought the visuals were nice as well.