Health Reform Bill (D.Jackson)

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I chose this bill because it was said that we should do a more recent bill because it would be easier to research and it present. This bill was also one that I had followed when it was introduced so I was already familiar with it. When I was going through the proces of doing this benchmark I didn't know how to present it because the choses were so broad. I don't like broad assignments so I asked my teacher for a suggestion and she gave me one. But the suggestion she gave didn't allow me to use the videos I wanted so I had to settle for a prezi and that is how I chose my presentation style. 
Some challenges I faced were that the videos I wanted couldn't go onto my laptop at one point and then they wouldn't go onto my vulvox presentation that I had planned on doing so I had to change to a prezi so that my videos could go on the presentation. If I could do this project over I would make sure my presentation and videos were working together before I actually started to assemble my final project. Also I would probably get more information, well use more words in the final so that I told that story more. The researched showed me basically what I already knew. I already knew that this bill was hard to pass because the Republicans and so many other people were against it. It just showed me exactly how many people and they much hate they had for Obama and the people for the bill and the actual bill, also it showed how much time was taken to evaluate if this bill should actually be passed. This project wasn't that hard but the presentation is always hard for me because I am not as creative as I want to be. I have ideas but when I try to put them down on paper or to use they aren't as creative as they are in my mind, or I can't get the hole idea out. So that was the hardest part. The researched went really well because their were many articles on this bill and also their were many videos and people talking about it.