Henry's Capstone

Henry Poeng & Viet Le

Ms. Echols


Our Vision:


As kids, we both had some type of interest in computers and how these magical machines worked. The very machines that lets us surf the web and play our games or watch funny cat videos. As time passed and as we grew up and got jobs, we both decided to make computers. Not from scratch mind you, but make it in the sense that we bought the parts that we wanted and put it together. While it might sound costly, the machines that we built are much better than your average pre-made consumer computers. They are also surprisingly cheaper. One day we had a vision. Why not share with the world our experiences and our knowledge on computer parts? So that’s what we did, and we made a capstone out of it. Our vision is to have a cleverly named website that will teach your everyday average Joe how to build a computer. We envisioned it to have advice, steps and things of that nature. A tutorial website basically. We wanted our potential viewers to appreciate what computers bring to the table, while providing a guide on how to save money while building a powerful rig. So that’s what we did. We didn’t stop there though. We included a brief history on the computer and it’s almost magical advances into modern day technology.