History/English Bm Q4

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 Reflection :

My favorite part of the project has creating my own history. Originally I thought "Hey I know a lot about WW1, lets do something about that" only to find out I was kidding myself. Yes, I knew a lot about WW1 but nothing compared to what I learned through this project, I think that one of the most challenging things for me were coming up with my own history, I enjoyed it the most but also had the hardest time coming up with what primary source documents I was going to make, and whether to make the US the good guy, or the bad guy, it was a long thought process.
I think that one of the most interesting facts I learned was that the man in charge of hiring and preparing the assassination of Franz Ferdinand archduke of Austria-Hungary, was the chief of the intelligence department of the Serbian army, Dragutin Dimitrijevic, whom surly enough was also the leader of "the black hand," "the name of a secret military society in the Serbian army in the kingdom of Serbia." I learned that the actions of one individual make a huge difference, especially since World War one started because of the murder of an individual, and because of the man that pulled the trigger. Systematic changes impact our history by determining and effecting the way of life of not only an individual but for the whole nation. One decision in history can be so influential that it leads man to do from the unthinkable acts to the most kind and gentle, two perfect examples of this are, Hitler and Mother Teresa. 
I really enjoyed working on this project, I learned a lot through it. I think that if I included music in the final presentation it would have helped a lot, there are a lot of silent pieces and I thought they would have been good for dramatic effect, but I'm not sure if everyone will think of it the same way I do. If I had a do over one thing I would change about my process would be my organizing the information I gathered, if I had done so from the beginning I wouldn't have as much of a panic when it came time to put everything together.