History Benchmark Q2- Women's Rights

Link to my video:


I chose this topic because women's rights is something important to me, as well as a delicate subject. I wanted my project to serve as a reminder of all of the hardships women have gone through in the past in order to be seen as equal. What I like the most about the project is the examples of historical women I've used as examples as well as all of the background research. Something that was challenging in creating this project was picking the perfect sound track and the format in which to present it. One of the most interesting things I came across was the fact that women almost gave up on equal rights several times as well as during WW1. I feel that this project could improve with more description. I did not put as much words in the final presentation as I originally planned. Something new that I tried was using C-Span for this project and I feel that it could have gone better. Overall I really enjoyed this project I felt that it was a very nice change and it really resonated with me. I  now value women's more then ever.