Home Network (Lucid Chart)

Home Network
In the beginning of the year, we were learning about the School District Policy and the SLA's Policy. Both about how they would like you to use the internet and what's appropriate and not. Setting down the rules. 

When we were first learning it, I thought that it was somewhat unnecessary to learn it all. I kept thinking, why is this important? or when am I actually going to use it in life? or I don't need to listen because these rules don't really apply to me because I don't watch porn or anything. But once doing this chart, I learned that having access to all this internet could possibly put you in danger if you're being careless about not protecting anything that has access to the network. 

From reading the rules from both policies, I am now even more convinced that it is a scary world, and that you have to protect your information if you're going to have a lot of things that are able to access the network or internet. I am also way more cautious about what I post or who I talk to online. I also amke sure to read some of the pop ups that come up on my computer, etc, because you never know what the other side of your line is.