Home Network-Taj Walter

1.My local network enters my house through an xfinity coaxial wire. It wirelessly connects to a laptop, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, two iphones, computer, 4 smart TVs, a computer, a firestick and Samsung Galaxy.

2. I discovered that my internet enters my house through a coaxial wire.

3. I would tell people that if your internet is connected with a wire it is faster.

Comments (3)

Matalai Lee (Student 2021)
Matalai Lee

I notice that there are a lot of things connected to your wifi and i like how organized it is with all of the lines.I wonder if you had to do this project over what would do differently and keep the same.

Phoenix Satterfield (Student 2021)
Phoenix Satterfield

-The first thing I noticed is how its set up kind of like a pyramid -I wonder if you were planning to make it like that since you first started. -What if you had more devices? Would the chart still be designed like this?