How to Lie With Statistics podcast 2

Podcast 2- 3,4,5 and 6 - 6:3:16, 9.31 PM
People: Tamira and Angelica
We discussed chapters 3,4,5 and 6. In chapter 3, we discussed the cavities lower with the doakes toothpaste and the tests they did with the pennies. For chapter 4, we discussed about peter and linda different IQ scores and how they think if they have a higher IQ, they are smaller but if it is lower they are retarded. We also discussed the different sampling methods and their outlooks on that. For chapter 5, we talked about the gee wiz graph and the way it is drawn and what it means. For chapter 6, we discussed the pictoral chart. 

How we discussed them was by summarizing each chapter and then picking out what we think was the most important points or just certain things we liked in the chapter. We didn't have any conflicts during the piece and also did not have any questions either. 

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Tamira Bell (Student 2016)
Tamira Bell

The links to the misleading graphs:

Angelica: "Percent who agreed with court"

Tamira: "An Alarming Rise In Florida Gun Deaths After 'Stand Your Ground' Was Enacted"