Human Trafficking Blog Post #1

Human Trafficking and the stories behind it.


Human Trafficking is a horrible thing and it’s happens to poor people who have dreams of going to another country. So they talk to some person who owns this “transporting business” and then the poor person gets taken to another place where they work and get paid below the minimum wage. Simply to put it, they are trapped there for most of their life because the owners destroy their Passport and Id. Then they are put to work past the limit of human capabilities and they are fed food that probably doesn’t taste good.

The continuation of Human Trafficking is terrible and it’s all done for profit. All this does is destroy the migrants from other countries and towns who just what to support their families and instead they get captured and worked to the edge of death. Children and especially women are sold into prostitution and are tortured by their Slave Masters; I think the weight of this subject is a lot to handle but even harder to talk about. Can we stop this or will it continue to go on for many more years? Can you stop it? 

Victims of Human Trafficking are being shown the dark parts of the world; children, women and other victims are being terrified and the growing fear of never seeing your family again. The Numerous Words of Human Trafficking are hard to look at but they all say the same thing, Human Trafficking has to stop!

Victims of Human Trafficking are looking for Help but the locations of these enslavement places are hidden from the outside world and lets hope that this modern day Slavery stops and be ended before any more family are disconnected from each other.

The Shackles that hold these victims captive are locked with a key, a key of despair. They take away the victims belongings, demand money, work them half to Death and worst of all, they keep the victims separated from their families. Lives are at stake here and I don’t see the rates going down. People are becoming Victims because they are lied to about having a new life in another country. Victims are dying because of this; the Slave Traders do this all for profit and do not even care about the victims, all they care about is the profit and themselves.


Will This Ever Stop Happening?





Interesting Quotes and Facts

A senior U.N. official says that as many as 2.4 million people may be victims of human trafficking worldwide at any given time.


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Karoline Castillo (Student 2015)
Karoline Castillo

I notice you have pictures as your hyperlinks, creative. I also notice that is was simple and to the point. I wonder if you can talk more about the topic rather than just that it`s bad. Maybe you can talk about who, is it just females being sold? What if you do more research on your topic and find out the who part. It could me children men. Also, maybe you should add a video informing us more about human trafficking.