Humanities Portfolio 2011

This year was challenging yet very exciting and interesting. I’ve learned so much and have grown as a person in the process, from adjusting how to work with different people to learning how to be in a trial, I even became a poet. I never even knew what a monologue project was until I came here and had to write one myself. I learned how difficult it is to write an entire monologue it takes lots of time and effort it isn’t something you can just rush through. I learned how to make myself into another person and to see other people’s struggles and also their strengths. I’ve learned that I have other sides to me; I’m more than I appear.


My favorite project had to be the poetry unit. I liked this the most because it let me show my poetic side and I also got to expand my thinking way beyond what I normally would. I got to let people in and let them see my thoughts and my feelings and the way I view the world. And the feedback I got made me happy to know that people actually cared we’ve all grown into a little family who cares and respects one another.


Another unit I liked was the trial. Things got very intense but that was good because it showed that everyone was really engaged with what they were doing and the parts that everyone had to play. It shows a lot about human behavior and how when anyone is put in an intense situation they act on feelings and not actually think about what they really should do.


My final all time favorite unit was the prison unit. I never knew the crazy statistics that they had for prisons. I also never knew they had a book program for them. Because the media never showed the fact they wanted to read they would only show the fights, or the way the guards would beat on the prisoners. Never how they wanted to read or how they would make this beautiful art work! I was amazed to find out all this and now my views on prisons have changed so very much.


Finally, this will always be my favorite year because Mr. Block has become my favorite teacher. He's pushed us to our limits and broke us out of our shells and let us know it was ok to be ourselves there are people who have it worst than we do so appreciate everyday and our education. Before being in this class I never voiced my opinion because I didn’t want them getting shot down. But Mr. Block showed us it’s ok to voice them and it’s ok if they get shot down because even if they do you can still say that you tried instead of being quiet and not heard at all. I really love these classes both and will miss them dearly! Coming into this class I hated the thought of having back-to-back classes but they weren’t as bad as I thought they were actually my favorite classes and I can say that I learned the most from each class. 

Screen shot 2011-06-02 at 4.42.52 PM
Screen shot 2011-06-02 at 4.42.52 PM