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Tech Class Presents 2
In technology class we were assigned an assignment using what we have learned through out tech class and we have learned from numerous things from something called Zen. So, what I have chosen was a picture of a duck, in fact the ugly duckling. I used this to signify to things one do not let the pixels from the image be clear to the eye and make the picture stand out more than the rest of the image. I did this so the eye of the viewer can focus more on the image. Another, thing that I did was I made the letters of the words green because I felt like green was the most often color seen in this picture. One, more thing I did was edit the picture so It wasn't copied right off of the internet.

Comments (5)

Xavier Carroll (Student 2017)
Xavier Carroll

I noticed the context difference between the picture and the text I wonder where the idea of the duck came from What if the text interacted with the picture better.

Harrison Freed (Student 2017)
Harrison Freed

I notice that the duck dude doesn't quite take up half of the slide, but comes so close, and I wonder if that's off putting to anyone else. What if you had made the picture take up more or less of the slide?

Colin Pierce (Student 2017)
Colin Pierce

Hey Husain, I like your slide. I noticed the duck first and wondered what it was supposed to mean, but I really like the message to the left. Also, what if the smiley face on the duck's chest was a little clearer? It's a bit hard to see the grey on red. Overall, good work.

Noah Weinberger (Student 2017)
Noah Weinberger

hi. I noticed the smile in the red circle in the duck's feathers. I wonder how you got this idea. What if the tear wasn't visible? I wonder if it would look better or not. I think you did a very good job. Thank you for your time and have a great day.