Immigration Visualization Creighton

With your blogpost, include your reflection related to:
  • What surprised you most about this information?
    What surprised me most about this information was that what we thought pushed immigrants away weren't just poverty and there economic situations. It could be because they miss there family or they dont feel safe it can be something so simple as they just dont feel like being were they are anymore. 

  •  What seemed quite obvious about explaining this data set?
    Some things that were obvious were about explaining this data set was  most of there pushes were the same. Another thing that was relatively obvious about this data set was the places most immigrants were coming from and why they were staying here. 

  • Looking at the overall trend and incorporating what you know about the US presently, predict and defend the immigration trend for the next two decades.
    Over the next two decades I can see that more and more people will be coming to the U.S and the reasons they will be leaving there country will not change much but it will become worst over time. I feel like the pulls will decrease over the next two decades for the U.S. because just as there poverty increases and there economic system is disintegrating ours are also. 

  • Describe how you made a decision on how to visually represent the information.
    We did our presentation on dipity because we wanted to visualize what was going on in our decade while reading about it. This will create a mental image for you and  will also help you with picturing what was going on in this time and how things looked. 
  • What parts of group work were challenging?
    I feel like the only thing that was difficult about this project was finding something new about each different place and take something from it and make it a push or a pull. 

  • What would you do differently if you had this project to do over?
    I Would read more about each decade just to be able to learn more in dept about what was happening other then immigration because this could have an affect on the pushes and pulls in the U.S as well as every where else.