Immigration Visualization Project

​What was surprising about the information I saw was how the immigration population went accordingly to the events that were taking place at the time in the United States. Also, it was surprising to see what caused each event to happen. If something went wrong, another thing would go wrong. Or, if something good happened, something good would follow along. What seemed quite obvious about the data set was, seeing as the events that occurred in the United States -varied from being good and bad- it affected the immigration population from increasing (when good) and decreasing (when bad). I predict that within the next 2 decades, the population of the US will decrease but also increase. Due to the recession:people being laid off, businesses shutting down, schools shutting down, etc. the population of immigrants will decrease. I believe that after the economy becomes more stabilized the population rate will return to its normality of increasing. My partner Brianna and I decided to use prezi because of its easy access. We kept it easy and simple; a timeline that included the events that occurred at the time and a picture. What was challenging of this group work project was researching and obtaining accurate information. When searching for a certain year and its events, I would find events of certain states rather than information of the United States. What I woud do differently if I could do this project over again is instead of using prezi's format, I would make a video. I really liked the video Ms. Laufenberg showed us, it was of a roller coaster (representing the ups and downs of the prices of houses.) I feel as if we didn't really have time to be more creative. But, I liked the results of my project.   


Comments (5)

Paige Wayman (Student 2013)
Paige Wayman

I liked the way you outlined your presentation. I love how you combined creativity with fantastic, useful information. I especially like how when you zoom in, inside the world is the history and the events, and on the outside it represents todays world, and how it became the way it is in response to immigration. I liked this project. Good job guys!.

Jennifer Wright (Student 2013)
Jennifer Wright

The timeline looks great. I like the comprehensive set of information, phrases and photos. My only issue is with prezi, I can't work it! When I zoom in it goes all crazy. Just me :p

Jessica Hinton (Student 2013)
Jessica Hinton

I think that this was a really creative way to display the events. It's organized, engaging, and clear. I don't see any issue with any part of this prezi. It's very well put together, and looks like you put a lot of hard work and effort into it. You and Brianna did a nice job!