The thing that really surprised me while I was finding information for this project was the fact that a lot of immigrants that came were protestants and the catholics were very upset about them coming to the United States. The Catholics thought that the immigrants were going to over power the Pope for some reason because the immigrants came in large numbers. To me the obvious thing was the fact that the immigrants were coming to the United States in large numbers. It was obvious that sense millions of immigrants were coming to the United States that the population would increase. The government didn't really think that when they established the rights for immigrants to migrate to the United States. Therefore they shouldn't complain. Knowing that they've established new laws due to the over population of the United States, for the future I believe that the government will do what ever they can to put an end to immigration. I decided to present this information by including a lot of factual information on immigration and also providing a lot of visual pictures to better illustrate whats going on in those time periods sense this is a time line. The most challenging things that happened while working in a group was making sure that everyone stayed on topic and that everyone was on task. We had to also make sure that everyone submitted something at a certain time. It was challenging to sometimes do the work because some of the group members already had something to do for other classes. Time management was very difficult. If I were to do this project next time I would include more useful information and I would have better graphic so that people would understand my timeline much better.