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While doing this project and conducting the research, I realized how many factors there were to bring everyone to America. Though, in my research I didn't see anything about why people should leave America. That was pretty interesting. It was pretty obvious that people were coming to America for an opportunity a better life. From what I see, our economy is down right now so it's not very attractive for immigration. But it won't stay down for that long. In fact when it goes back up within the next decade or two, there is going to be an immigration boom just like there always is. In the graph the boom starts slow but slowly climbs unti it reaches it's highest point then resets. Though my group and I didn't visual represent this in our presentation, we had other means to support it. In our presentation we came up with an interactive time lime. We figured that forcing information on someone isn't a good way to learn so we made it a type of presentation where they could go at their own pace. I think it's pretty special. It wasn't easy trying to get all this together. In fact, we had some trouble with some group members not being able to do work for great reasons but in the end we got through. If I were to do this project over again, I would definitely try and get more information as well as pictures and maybe a better approach at the presentation.