Immigration Visualization Project

Immigration in America
Immigration in America
What surprised me most about this information is that even when the immigration rate was very iffy and varied. The population had a smooth increase and was constant. In our visual, you can see the red line (immigration throughout the years) and how it's zig-zagging all over the place. The only thing that seems pretty obvious at explaining was WHY the immigration rate was so crazy. The events and history is the key to understanding the population. My group decided to visually present the information like a swirl chart. A swirl of years and images of what went on during those years was shown and the history was presented. The first black line is like showing how smooth the population is and how the immigration (red line) was very crazy. 

The challenging part with working in a group was that it didn't seem like enough work to distribute out to three people. The researching of the dates and events was evenly distributed, but when it came to showing the visual part of the project, it didn't seem like enough. If I had to do this project over, I think my group and I would make it a priority to include more and some phrases here and there. There's a lot someone can understand by looking at the photo, but if they don't know exactly what even occurred in what time frame, they'll stare blankly at the photo. 

Group Members: Maximilien Marton and Jennifer Wright 

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