Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

​The huge spikes that occurred surprised me most about that data. I thought the immigration due to wars in other countries was obvious. Many people flock to the US for safety. Looking at the data, I see highs and then low-lows. It seems that in 1999-2000 there was a very high percentage of immigration. I would predict that that number is likely to drop for this current decade and the next. The US isn't in a very good spot economically and that would definitely factor into the amount of people attempting to gain access to America.  That same idea can be seen within the data. When the US was doing well everyone wanted in. 

My group wanted to represent that data in a really creative way. We wanted to do something outside of the normal bar or pie chart. When Ms. Laufenberg showed us a bunch of cool visual graphs my group all like the spiral type one. Ours is a simpler version but with the same concepts. It has pictures to describe the major events and uses the red line to signify the amount of immigration per decade. It is very visual rather than numerical. 

The challenging part of this project was sharing the work. It was one piece that three people needed to work on it. Distributing the tasks evenly was difficult. If I had to do this project over, I would choose a different format. My group tried to do something interesting and it worked relatively well, but it the distribution of work was the hard part. We gathered the info and developed the concept together but the actual construction had to be one person. 
Immigration in America
Immigration in America

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Jennifer Wright (Student 2013)
Jennifer Wright

Thanks for the comment Ruben! Definitely something I would consider if I did it over again. The original idea was to cut down on words and numbers and make it purely visual. On a larger scale, though I think adding phrases would help the clarity a bit.

Ruben Burenstein (Student 2013)
Ruben Burenstein

I liked the design of your timeline, but I think that there could be a little more description on the pictures, explaining what each picture means. The concept of pictures is really good, but it could be a little more clear.