Immigration Visualization Project Reflection

All of this didn't surprise me much because I already knew most of this happened. What I didn't know was all of that could've effected immigration at some point. Because of the way our economy and current job status is I feel as though the immigration rate is only going to slow back down and start to decrease if things don't start to get better. Immigrants come over for jobs and that's what we are currently lacking the most. We kind of decided on it by what was going to represent our data the best. To me, the most challenging part was trying to get the final visual done and how the longer you wait to start your visual the more stressful it becomes when you finally start it. If I had to do anything different I would use my time better and spend less time on trying to find so much information but work with what I have and then do my visual as such. But overall it turned out to be good.

Comments (2)

Amanda Millatt (Student 2013)
Amanda Millatt

I thought the design was interesting , but it was a little confusing. Some of the pictures were confusing maybe you could have had some captions under the pictures.

Breeanna Noi (Student 2013)
Breeanna Noi

I like the way you presented the Prezi. My group thought about it, but we didn't know how to lay it out. You did well on displaying the reasons, but maybe a few words in the visual would be helpful.