Is Basketball Interesting

Hamidou Doumbia


English 3

Is Basketball Interesting

In west Philadelphia around the year of 2009, I was a 7-year-old student. I attend Martha Washington elementary school and I lived around the corner. Martha Washington was only attended by inner-city children, mostly around West Philadelphia because it was a neighborhood school. The school wasn’t Fancy like the other school. I was in second grade when I started to notice students playing sports around the area. I hated most sports during that time I didn't like basketball because It seems to not be interesting to me with an old man who was commentator are boring. Every time my dad watch the game I went to my room. I didn’t understand why my dad was watching these sport. In my mind, all I could think about was old people must love the boring stuff. But every morning I found out all the students in my class start to play basketball. Before basketball was into cartoon and cars like every little kid.

Although my second grade I wanted to become a spy or secret agent like the movies I usually watch after school. Codename Kids Next Door and movies like Agent Cody Banks was my favorite film to watch after school every week. I thought becoming a spy would get all the girls in my class. I believe that becoming an agent will be so cool. These reasons force me to love wearing suits and tuxedos. After that year I noticed I didn’t get any girls most girls were the boys who played the sport. But I felt like the kids in my class will change would make any difference because basketball is boring. The school year was about over.

During the summer my cousin that I was very close with came to my house over the weekend. He told me that basketball might be a fun sport. I argued with him that it wasn’t fun to watch. So how could it be found?

Hamidou: When I watch basketball games with my dad it seems to be boring. And mostly old people play the sport and old people are boring.

Cousin: I played with my friend and It was fun.

Hamidou: Look, bro, Secret agencies get all the girls and have more benefits than basketball players.

Cousin: How? You don’t even play basketball.

Hamidou: I going be rich and working with the Secret agent and every girl will love me.

Cousin: Watch believes me that won’t work.

After the argument, we made a bet that I would get more girls act like a secret agent than playing basketball. Now as I writing this story I was a foolish second grade. So I bought a  toy gun and fake badge. When he left my house I made a promise that I will put my life and sweat in of being a secret agent. After weeks I start to found out that a lot of girls was going date most the kids who play basketball. Then the school year has ended and I lose belief in being a Secret agent.

In third grade the began of every morning more kids in my class has played basketball. Most kids believe they would make it to the professional league like the NBA.  While everyone else was playing basketball I and my friends will play cops and robbers it was game that acclimates the fight between bad and good guys. I always want to be a secret agent because I always want to save people. Then one day one of friend kidnapped a girl during our game. I took him down then I believe that girl would give me a kiss. She looks at me like I was crazy. Because I was ready. I had my lip out believe that my dream would come true. After that, I felt sick that she didn’t kiss me. So when she asked what was I was doing. I lied and told her my lips were dry so I was trying a new method to fix it. The whole day I tried to keep a low profile.

After the disappointment, I finally decide to play basketball for the first time at the playground. I understand some part of the game but not the whole. I remember that shooting makes you win. So we played a game called rise and shine in the afternoon. It was one vs one and who every score first get one point then you play another person. The game went up to 11 and I know that was going to lose and might not have fun but I had to give a trie. Lunchtime was ending so everyone was just throwing up a shot that was very hard so they catch up with their point. One of my friend who played every morning won the game had 11 but I thought this sport isn’t that bad. I still didn’t understand why girl fell for a basketball player. So next period we had computer class and he gave us free period. I research advantage of a basketball player and one thing that pops up was money. Most NBA player makes million dollars than I started to understand why a lot of urban kids play sports. Then I research to the advantage of a secret agent Low-cost life insurance which I don’t understand during that time.

I had to make a choice between basketball and a secret agent. I felt I need spend most of the time on one thing. So I made a pro and con list of both. Basketball will help in the future and you get a lot of girls. But Basketball is time-consuming so it hard to different things. While secret agent has advantage to wear suits and they are heroes. The secret agent makes as much money as basketball players. This going to be a hard decision but I felt that this decision will help in future.

In fourth grade, I decided to work on my game. I was going to challenge myself to be good enough to see if I could get the girls and be one of the popular kids. So at began of the year I studied the sport by watching the game every night. Also waking up early to play basketball before school. Eventually, I found a passion for playing basketball.  I learned that you can’t judge anything by its cover. The saying was true because if I didn’t give basketball a chance then I won’t have so many fun experience. It has a huge impact on my life. I’m a starter in high school and also a captain.

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Brendan Hall (Student 2019)
Brendan Hall

The dialogue and the way the story progresses is very entertaining to me. I could definitely see a 2nd grade version of you wanting to become a secret agent for the clout (popularity). I also thought that the way you became interested in basketball was unique and I'm glad I got to know this story.