Isaac Adlowitz Capstone (Phillies)

Isaac Adlowitz
Mentors: Ms.Hull and Ms. Siswick

For my capstone I wanted to do something that would involve baseball in some way or another. Just about everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am about baseball and the Phillies so this capstone was better than anything I could have ever asked for. I began pursuing this as capstone ever since my mom took me to a symposium at UPenn about "Ballparks as Urban Magnets" back in my sophomore year. At the symposium one of the owners of the Washington Nationals spoke, one of the owners of the Cleveland Indians spoke, an architect who has designed multiple Major League Stadiums spoke, and also Phillies President David Montgomery spoke. Afterwards I approached Montgomery and asked him for advice on how a high school kid could potentially get a job with a Major League ball club, he said told me about the Phillies having a senior project program, and gave me the contact information for someone who leads the program. Without meeting him I would have likely never found out about this program. 

During my time at the Phillies I was given an insider's point of view on how daily life inside a professional sports team's front office operates. I learned about the many different facets which make teams a well oiled machine and I learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. I met many different people and feel as though I have successfully gotten my foot in the door. I hope to present to my peers and other people what types of things are needed to move your way up in this business, wether or not I would want to still pursue this as a career, what types of things you actually do vs. what someone may think you do, and all in all my experience and how they have further molded me and provided me with a wider array of perspectives. 

Here is a journal that I kept talking about each and everyday of my experience interning with the Philadelphia Phillies

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