Jacklyn Middleswarth's Capstone

Abstract: My final project is a mural at the end of the second floor hallway. I chose this wall because it was a big enough wall and had a lot of potential. A lot of labor went into making sure the wall was ready for paint. I cleaned the wall, used joint compound to fill up the holes in the wall, and then sanded to make sure the wall was even. I then proceeded to measure out the dimensions of the LOVE portion of the mural so I could tape where I was supposed to paint. I then used a projector to help me trace the outlines of the white silhouettes. I then went over everything in color to finalize the mural. The idea of the mural was to create a sports themed mural because over the past four years, sports at SLA have taken up the most amount of my time. And my original idea was to have the LOVE Philly sculpture in the center with SLA sports surrounding the sculpture. I was going to have a night sky as the background but due to time constraints, I didn't get to it. 

Abazoski, Miranda. Personal Interview. 04 February 2016.

In the interview with Miranda, being apart of a sport, especially in a sport like ultimate frisbee, the connections she makes is one of the most important things to have. When there are no connections on or off the field, it may feel like there is no point in playing. One word that specifically comes to mind when she thinks about SLA sports is: States. I will use the State’s idea in particular to portray the frisbee aspect about SLA. Some people define SLA by ultimate frisbee, everybody in the school knows it is an important sport to Mr. Lehmann, and almost every watches the ultimate kids workout in the morning. So to envelop what SLA sports are about, to include drawings around ultimate, and states is important.

Bell, Tamira. Personal Interview. 04 February 2016.

In the personal interview with Tamira, she brought up a new idea which was working hard towards something that she loved. It was touched on earlier by other students, although for the sport that Tamira does, which is student’s run, she said it was all about endurance. This is endurance is difficult and challenging to build, but by doing this, the endurance allows her to have it in other parts in her life. I will include hard work and practice as inspiration in my sketches. This idea helps to conclude what the life of SLA is, and how SLA sports helps you prepare for multiple aspects in life.

Denny, Shaion. Personal Interview. 03 February 2016.

Shaion talked about connection, and with connection especially in high school there’s more opportunity to talk to those who aren’t in the same grade. Making friendships on the team is what makes [basketball] fun for him. Shaion also talked about success, and overcoming a hardship, like beating a higher ranked team is a satisfying feeling, and one of the best feelings in a sport. The part where Shaion talks about SLA sports are just about having fun will be incorporated into the mural. The mural is going to be filled with positivity, and having fun in a sport is definitely a key for the mural’s portrayal of SLA sports in general.

Dymek, Malwina. Personal Interview. 02 February 2016.

In the interview, Malwina Dymek talks about to importance of being a team, and everyone helping each other to improve their skills and reach their highest potential. She continues to connect SLA’s core value collaboration to school. On a team, teammates constantly work together to win, and that mentality helps achieve collaboration in school projects. Malwina also states that the best thing about a sport isn’t the physical activity of it, it’s the cheering that goes on. This interview will be used as inspiration for sketches that will go into making the mural. Especially the main concepts of this interview which is collaboration, and the words she chose of when she thinks of SLA sports: family, support, positivity.

Fecher-Davis, Naomi. Personal Interview. 04 February 2016.

In the interview with Naomi Fecher-Davis says the first word she thinks of when thinking about SLA sports is camaraderie. Just like many others, friendship and trust is important to her when she is on a team. Naomi touched on the fact that SLA doesn’t hype up competition like other high schools, what SLA really tries to focus on is the bonding that goes on during games, and even off the field. One note she said that will definitely be used is when she says these bonds can last forever. This particular idea will be used as a main idea for a sketch, because a common trend through these interviews is bonding, and making those connections, while all has to do with collaboration.

Gerveni, Jorin. Personal Interview. 04 February 2016.

In the interview with Jorin, he talked about brotherhood. This relates to family, and he mentioned a cheer: “1, 2, 3, rockets, 4, 5, 6, family,” which is a common cheer among a lot of sports, especially the 1, 2, 3, rockets. Jorin also mentioned that pushing himself to do harder, and when his teammates cheer him on and pick him back on when he’s down allows him to have confidence. My idea is to use words spewing out from the main painting that describes SLA sports. I will use the cheer as a part of those words spewing out. Cheering is definitely an important part of being the the SLA sports community.

Hares, Rafi. Personal Interview. 03 February 2016.

In the interview with Rafi Hares, he talked about his realization of the different aspects of what goes into a team. He stated that he liked being apart of something bigger where his actions affected the whole team. He also in a way idolized the fact that there was a physical and innate talent to play a sport, but also a certain type of intelligence. He continued to talk about how SLA sports helped him gain connections. The answers that Rafi provided will be used, especially his answer about being apart of something bigger. So far the idea is to use the word intelligence when he would describe SLA sports as a possible word coming out of the mural.  

Hershey, Dillon. Personal Interview. 04 February 2016

In the interview with Dillon Hershey, she talked about the team a lot. How the importance of being on a team helps her focus in school. Her way of learning is through physical activity by using her hands and/or body. So when she gets to take part in a sport, this gets her energy out and she’s able to focus in school. Dillon said that when you’re apart of a team the best thing is the support system they provide. I will use Dillon’s words, especially the part about the support system as an idea for a sketch. This is particularly to include in the mural, because many people are talking about how sports provide friendships and support. When there’s a mistake, they are there to lift you back up, not drag you down.

McArdle, Thayeena. "Mural Techniques for Painting Wall Murals: Preparing, Painting and Sealing." Art Is Fun. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Feb. 2016. <http://www.art-is-fun.com/mural-techniques/#prepare>

This site contains a lot of information about a lot of different types of art. With murals specifically it talks about techniques for painting including prep work, starting and finishing, and how to paint the wall. Some steps included cleaning the wall and then priming it, using an art projector or grid projector, and then different ideas on how to apply to paint. The information on this website are credible, but I do not know if all the information on the website(if I were to apply it) would provide accurate step by steps. Although I am going to use the information on this website to guide how I am going to paint the mural, as well as what specific materials I need to get.

Williams, Bernard. "Techniques of Community Murals." Community Public Art Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Feb. 2016. <http://www.cpag.net/guide/2/2_pages/2_1.htm>

This site contains a guide about how to prepare for a mural. It talks about the condition of the wall, and that it does not need to be a perfect wall but that some imperfections can be painted over with. Another topic the guide touched on indoor walls and how certain preparations can have certain advantages. It mentions asking for permission, and measuring the wall to scale a sketch. This information the site provides I will use because I have already asked permission, as well as having a plan to measure the wall. The site is pretty reliable, and is apart of the Chicago Public Art Group.