Jalen Smith's Capstone


Cover Page​
Student Name: Jalen Smith

In School Mentor Name: Ms. Martin

Out of School Mentor: Dr. Thomas George, Cosmetic Dentist

Topic Summary: The goal for this project was to allow individuals to learn about the importance of dental health. This information was displayed on a website so that people from all over the world could access such useful information. This information is supported with visual representations.

Project Abstract: During my sophomore and junior year in high school I have had the opportunity to shadow at one of the best cosmetic dental practices in the city of Philadelphia, Deme. Deme, ran and operated by Dr. Thomas George was willing to give me the experience that was unforgettable. It was his goal to provide me with enough background being as though I have had such a strong interest in dentistry, almost throughout my whole life. During my time with Dr. George we have reflected on the key issues that came up at his office. We felt that many people who came to his office brought up issues that could have been prevented. From this notion, we have felt the need to intervene and to do something bigger than just trying to fix the issues through procedures. We thought that it would be best to educate people about the importance of dentistry throughout the entire world. By using a website to display detailed information about dentistry it was our prediction that people would improve their oral health. 

As a developer for this website there were many skills that I have mastered over time. I have learned to get over the fear of interacting with people and have learned to build confidence to ask questions. I have also learned how to be more proactive, especially when working with a professional who works on deadlines. In the future I plan to continue the work that I have started. Although I have many years before I become an orthodontist I would like to continue to educate myself and others about the importance of dentistry because dentistry is one of the central backbones to a healthy and prosperous life.

Capstone Annotative Bibliography

The Dental Insider Website

Background Information

"Dentists: Doctors of Oral Health." http://www.ada.org/. American Dental Association, 30 Jan 2014. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.ada.org/4504.asp&xgt;.

This source would be a beneficial source to use for this project because this source covers the basic roles of a dentist. It is very important that one knows and has a great relationship with their dentist, especially if they would need to improve there dental health. Dentists are the ones that make sure that there dental health is up to par. This website not only introduces the role of a dentist but they also talk about different forms of dentistry which appear to be very important for this project.

Dental, Delta. "Healthy smile, healthy you: The importance of oral health." http://www.deltadentalins.com/. Delta Dental, 12 May 2011. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.deltadentalins.com/oral_health/dentalhealth.html>.

I’ve decided to choose this website because this website also focuses upon the importance of oral health. This website talks about how bad oral concepts could lead into life threatening diseases, such as Diabetes, Leukemia, Oral Cancer, Pancreatic Caner, Heart Disease and Kidney Disease. This website lists ways people could avoid these problems from occurring in there lives. I believe that this information is appropriate for people to know and this would become a wake up call for a lot of people.

Orenstein, Beth. "A Guide to Good Personal Hygiene."http://www.everydayhealth.com/. Every Day Health, 20 May 2009. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-living/guide-to-good-hygiene.asp&xgt;.

This website was very useful because it addresses poor dental hygiene hints at other issues and good habit that can help keep someone healthy. This website was mainly a tip guide, persuading people to do certain things in order to stay on track. They say that flossing is really important and  helps reduce bad breathe and helps reduce inflammation of the gums. Having a great diet can also become beneficial to oral health.

Kittredge, Clare. "Maintaining Good Dental Care Habits."http://www.everydayhealth.com/. Every Day Health, 20 May 2014. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.everydayhealth.com/dental-health/101/taking-care-of-your-teeth-at-home.asp&xgt;.

This website was very useful as well because it dug deeper into dental hygiene. This website talked about the consequences of poor oral hygiene. The one thing that really stood out to me was that fact that poor oral hygiene invites plaque to accumulate around the base of your teeth and gun line, causing your gums to become red and inflamed. These stages are the first stages for periodontal disease. A lot of people have to avoid these symptoms.

Healthy lives, Healthy Mouths. "Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives." http://www.healthymouthshealthylives.org/. Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives, n.d. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.healthymouthshealthylives.org/en/dental-care-resources/Questions to Ask Your Dentist/>.

This website has been really effective during my research phase. The reason why I really thought that it was useful was because this website talks about how people can ask important questions to there dentist about there oral health. Sometimes not everyone could ask the right questions about there oral health to there dentist. I believe that incorporating this information in the website would give others ideas as to what they should ask on there dental visits.

George, Thomas. Personal Interview. 12 Dec 2013.

Dr. George was an extremely useful source for this project because he opened up his practice for me to observe what he normally does on a regular basis. He is someone who I normally go to for dental questions. He is also someone who actually helps to enhance my project website. Also I have to opportunity to ask questions to his patients regarding there oral health. 

Johnson, Sandy. "Tips For Fresh Breath."http://www.brightnow.com/. Bright Now! Dental, 12 Dec 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.brightnow.com/our-blog/tips-fresh-breath>.

In today’s society many people struggle with bad breathe. This website touches upon the aspect of bad breathe and I believe the information that supply on this website would be good information to include on my website. I believe that it is good for people to know information about how people could reduce bad breathe.

Johnson, Sandy. "Caring for Braces."http://www.brightnow.com/. Bright Now! Dental, 12 Sep 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.brightnow.com/our-blog/caring-braces>.

Many teens like myself have braces and sometimes it is hard to maintain them. This website is a great website that supplies information on how to maintain braces the right way. It’s good to allow people with braces to know how care for there braces. The most important things must know is how to still have great dental hygiene despite the fact that the braces may be in the way.

Johnson, Sandy. "Benefits of a Drinking Straw ."http://www.brightnow.com/. Bright Now! Dental, 23 Jul 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.brightnow.com/our-blog/benefits-drinking-straw>.

I thought that this website blog was very interesting because this blog talks about how there is a benefit to drinking out of a straw and how it could help with dental hygiene. I believe that this information could possibly go on the website because this information could be tips. I also thought that this topic was very interesting in general because not too many people talk about straws and dentistry.

Johnson, Sandy. "Oral Care for Dogs."http://www.brightnow.com/. Bright Now! Dental, 20 Jun 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <http://www.brightnow.com/our-blog/oral-care-dogs>.

I thought that this information was useful because this information not only focused upon human dental hygiene but it focused upon animal dental health. I wanted my website to focus on a variety of dental health and by incorporating both human and animal dental health I think that it would make my website very unique. A lot of people have animals and I think it would be useful to learn things about there animals dental health.

Videos (The titles speak for itself)

DMTV Episode 4 - Hygienist Visit Full Mouth Dental Cleaning. You Tube, 2013. Film.

This video is useful because it gives great tips for maintaing great oral health. This video talks about the importance of scheduling a dental cleaning and what you must do in the meantime to prepare for it. It also touches upon the procedures done during the visit.

Top 10 Dental Health Tips: Oral Hygiene. You Tube, 2013. Film.

This video is very useful to this website because it discusses the ten simple ways to improve your oral health. This video was important because it helps to explain the steps towards maintaining great home care.

How to brush your teeth? Learn in 4 simple steps!. You Tube, 2011. Film.

I’ve used this video because many people come to the dental office with issues all because there methods for brushing and flossing are poor. With this being said they have poor results. This video revisits the concept of brushing teeth. Although some people feel as though there brushing habits are great some times it is always good to revise the way they brush.

BIOLASE Technology on the Balancing Act. Dir. John Fan. You Tube, 2011. Film.

I used this video because millions of people are afraid to go to the dentist office due to the pain, grinding noises of the drill and needles. Now a days new technologies are trying to reduce the fear patients have in the dental office. With the development of Bio-Lase theres no need to have anxiety because this technology allows patients to experience a pain free visit. 

Oral Cancer Screening. You Tube, 2014. Film.

It was important for me to have posted this video to my website because there are many people who are diagnosed with cancer. Oral cancer is one of them. This video discusses what it is, how it is treated and what can be done to prevent it.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You. You Tube, 2009. Film.

This video was very very important to my website because it helps people to understand that having a healthy mouth means that you can have a healthy life. This video touches upon all of the things that you can do in order to maintain great oral health.

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