Jessica Maiorano Capstone

I had the opportunity to be on Science Leadership Academy's Students Run Philly Style team all four years of high school. I have grown and learned so much by being on this team. The goal of this project was to find an effective way to encourage students to join  Students Run Philly Style and to give other students their own unique experience while being in the program. I have also used this website to show the qualities and experiences students can gain by being apart of any sports team. I met with one of the leaders from Students Run to exchange ideas on how to produce a final product that would get others to join. This required me to know the benefits of Students Run and how other members have been effected by it. The vision was to create a promotional video that can be shared. I have produced my video by using my skills that I have learned throughout my three years in Digital Video. I choose to put all my information on this website so it easy to see all the experiences that my fellow classmates and I have had while being on a sports team.