Jiwon Choi Capstone

“What do you want to become later on in life?” At the age of 18, students have to figure out what they want to major in college and even potentially know what career they want to have in the future. However, many high school students do not necessarily know what type of field they want to go in. Even if they do know, they might believe that their dream career is too unsustainable in financial terms to actually have the confidence of continuing on that route. With all the pressure, many individuals can feel very anxious and afraid about not knowing or being clueless about the future.
Therefore, Brandon and I did a capstone on “Job Exploration”. The purpose of this capstone is to inform students what certain jobs are truly like. We wanted to be able to give a clearer view of what a particular job entails. In order to accomplish this goal, we interviewed people with different professions and heard their life stories involving the work they do and how they got there in the first place. Throughout the course of senior year, Brandon and I were able to interview psychology professor, musician, artist, and a lab technician together. I was also able to interview a small business owner and nail technician, and a seamstress by myself. As a final product showcasing what we have done, I made interview videos. For individuals that I could not film, I made a transcript of the interviews.
Here are the links to the people interviewed:
Small business owner and nail technician: https://youtu.be/NL4myKlT9Qc
Psychology Professor: https://youtu.be/cvXoqUWJbXg
Free Lance Musician: https://youtu.be/cvXoqUWJbXg

Here is the google doc to the transcript of people I interviewed and couldn't get on video: 

Here is the link to my bibliography: