Joseff Filamor Capstone

I have always loved making skate videos of me and my friends however I never had one that took more than a month to produce. Majority of my videos I made were short montages of random clips of me and my friends with little to no organization. Half way through Sophomore year I decided to make a "full length skate video." A full length video means that every skater that partakes in it will have their own individual part in the video to themselves. I have a lot of friends who skate but don't have a way to present their skating in the form of a video and I wanted to make something that we could all celebrate and be proud of. In addition, nearly everyone who had a part in the video was from a different part of Philly, so it was cool to have that connection through this video. Each person was able to choose their own song and have almost all creative control over their section of the video. A decent part should have a running time of  3-5 minutes and there were 7 parts in the video all together. After a little over 2 years of filming and editing almost everyday, the video was finished and had a running time of about 30 minutes. 

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