Karen Ossowski Reflection on Media Fluency

second tech slide Karen ossowski (1)

During this project i learned about different kinds of slides. You can do different colors, hence the title, moving pictures or videos, and about the different shades you do in different lights. For example, in the daytime or bright light, you should do duller or darker colors. However if you are in darker light, you should do brighter colors.

In my new slide, i didn't put too many words in and i put more visual stuff. I still kept the books but instead i put multiple books. I also changed the background to a very light gray and put a darker border of gray around the pictures.  In the slide that you see the title is supposed to be all on one line, but the size of the image messed it up.

During this project, research is very important. I say this because without it we wouldn't know what we are doing. If Ms. Hull didn't set us up to fail, we would have failed on a very important project. In the beginning when i did my research, i didn´t know how important it would be. If we didn't do research, we would have done a mess, colors would've been all over the place and we would bleed everything, etc.
Hope you like this slide better than the other one. Thanks for reading.

Comments (14)

Alina Seing (Student 2020)
Alina Seing

This works because the pictures represent what you love most. Another thing is that the colors bonds together and the presentation. I believe that the texts are too much because there are a lot of words in the center.

Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

The slide has a lot of text in the center that wouldn't be easy to read while driving by. I do get a good idea of who you are and what you believe in through the presentation but the center does pull me out a little bit.

Teyonna Little (Student 2020)
Teyonna Little

Your images are well organized and work well with your background. But, I do suggest not adding the text in the middle or summarizing it into a title to put in the middle of your slide.

Ruby Ginsburg (Student 2020)
Ruby Ginsburg

I agree. This could be improved if there was less text and the text was bigger. Also, the cat image and the typewriter image are not aligned on the left edge, making it look uneven.