Katarina's media fluency

Slide about just and simply me.

My presentation is extremely simple. Totally opposite from me.  That is because no picture can fit what and who I really am.My favorite color is blue and I used it to color my whole name. The design it not too complicated and the pattern is actually pretty noticeable. The background is even more simple than my name, and it is simply shaded on the edges and light in the center.


Comments (2)

Haisha Hahsy (Student 2017)
Haisha Hahsy

I noticed your slide is really simple. I wonder if you added some more colors. And what if you add some words of things you like and they could fade into your name that would look great!

Husain Kegler (Student 2017)
Husain Kegler

Hey Katerina, I notice that your name is really small compared to the rest of the slide. I wonder if you could make your name bigger. What if you feel the rest of the unnecessary space with objects?