Keith Hodge Capstone

My Capstone if you don't know already was a SLA Philadelphia Pro sports update website that I made using Google slides and Google sites and I updated this site every time a Philadelphia sports team played. As you can imagine this was a little difficult to complete sometimes because 2 or 3 teams played each night but as the year progressed it got easier and I was able to do updates in a matter of seconds. The website had multiple pages including one for the Sixers, Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and even a "This day in Philadelphia sports" page. I also did a Kahoot and went around school asking people different trivia questions based on the Philadelphia sports teams, Overall the Capstone process for me was very enjoyable but it also had its moments. 

My goal for the Capstone was doing something enjoyable because I was not going to do something boring or non engaging for 90 hours. I also think in the start of my process I said I want the community to come together with sports and I believe I did that. Because sports always bring people together I mean just look at the Eagles this year the whole team bonded when something went wrong and when they won the superbowl all the fans bonded as well. One last thing I think I picked the most perfect capstone because I chose a sports capstone the year the Eagles won the superbowl, the year the Sixers and Flyers made it to the playoffs and the year the Phillies are hot yet again.  

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