Keith Moody's Capstone


Throughout the year many students need school supplies, there are many times in school where the person does not have a proper writing utensil or something to write on. With this project I was able to help students come prepared for the next class. I thought to myself, well why stop there. So I began fundraising to help finish off the payments of Liverpool. Liverpool was an wonderful experience for  a lot of people, I am glad to now be a part of it by putting money towards. After making prices and having a set profit, I began selling the items that were most used throughout our school.   


These are the items that were picked out from staples.

Successful Telemarketing 

Stone, B., & Wyman, J. (1992). Successful Telemarketing. Lincolnwood, Ill., USA: NTC Business Books.

The source explains successful telemarketing and how to be successful with selling things. Also shows how to sell things. In the book it has many different way that a person could make over 90% of profit by using a technique. For telemarketing the idea of producing a substantial amount of money iso need because it insures the most valuable profit for what the person is marketing.


"Staples." Staples. Staples, ic. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

Staples offer school supplies that are discounted. These supplies could be used to at low prices. There are a variety of different items and materials that students use to help them achieve in school. The more supplies that are discounted, the more supplies are able to be bought at once. Staples normally sell items more than one at a time because multiple items are on sale.

Effective Fundraising for nonprofits 

Bray, I. M. (2005). Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits : Real-world Strategies That Work. Berkeley, CA: NOLO.

This tells people how to effectively fundraise. Fundraising is normally to help other organizations and not oneself this is because Fundraising is a non- profit organization. It talks about bringing in new supporters and how to keep givers giving.

Book Keeping

"Bookkeeping for beginners." Bookkeeping for Beginners. N.p., 25 May 2011. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website shows how to keep note of financial transactions. This also to help with financial growth and other transaction regardless of materials. This is not only business that this takes into, you can keep track of how much of something you have.

Educational Supplies stores

"CBS." Philadelphia.cbslocal. CBS Philly, 21 Sept 2010. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This gives an idea on what to sell inside of a store a a school. Although the things at this store, most likely I will not be seling. I am only selling school supplies.