Keith Moody's Q4 BM Difference between then and now

  • What did you set out to do?
  • I set out to do multiple interviews then pick out 2 of them in which explained, the questions that I was asking in detail. These residents were giving their personal insight on what used to be. I also set out to find a couple of residents that were mainly born in the 20's and 30's so that we can see the history.

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
  • They tell their own stories through the interview. There are many people who would love to get their stories out and these residents were happy to do so.

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
  • I hope the audience gains a sense of feeling to the old days of life and be able to compare to theres. Even though things were cheaper life was a lot harder.

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
  • Gained a sense of confidence which allowed me to help guide the residents through a series of questions.