Keyaira Doughty Capstone

Topic: Philanthropy: Youthadelphia
Mentor: Hull

Project Abstract: For my capstone I am going to work with the Philadelphia Foundation’s Youthadelphia program and help donate money to Youth-led and Youth empowered programs in Philadelphia. I will work with a faculty of other teams sitting down and discussing different issues affecting the teens in our communities and help fund programs that our helping to reduce those issue. At the end of the program we get to have a big ceremony and reward those programs with a big check and thank them for all they are doing for the people in our community.

I intend to gain more experience working with in a business setting with others collaborating on new ideas and topics revolve around my community. I intend to learn how to gain more experience with dealing with a great amount of responsibility in the workplace because when you’re working in a career you have to learn how to be a team and allow yourself to count on other people and share the responsibility.

Annotated Bibliography:

  Annotated Bibliography

"The World's Biggest Givers." The Richest . N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website talks about different philanthropist who have given billions of dollars to different foundations and different causes all throughout the world. These causes range from scholarships for high school scholars, youth sports, cancer treatment, healing diseases, homeless shelters, single parents studies, vision impaired youth, entrepreneurs and etc. This website has helped me a lot with understanding why some philanthropist have decided to give their money and what types of causes a lot of people are for supporting.

"High impact Philanthropy." Boston Foundation. The Boston Foundation, n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website comes from the Boston Foundation and talks about specific necessities needed to make a philanthropic organization successful. One of the main things they talked about is that you do not need millions of dollars to have an high impact on people and or a cause. Instead of worrying about how much money you want to give you need to think about the time commitment, energy, and being actively involved in the cause. Giving money makes you a philanthropist but giving money while being an active participate in the process of bettering a cause makes you a great philanthropist.  

Lotha, Gloria. "Philanthropic Foundation." Britiannica. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website gives insight on what a philanthropic foundation is and all that consist in beginning one. This website also taught me about the history of philanthropy and how the amount of money has increased dramatically over the years. Hundreds of years ago philanthropic organization were usually small and donated a small amount of money to only local and palliative purposes. The first huge amount of money donated to a specific cause was by Andrew Carnegie which was worth $350 million and was used to establish The Carnegie Foundation. Years laters researches have found out that most funds were for activities in the fields of education, social welfare, science, health, religion, conservation, international relations, and public policy.

Walker, Paul. ROWW. Reach Out Worldwide, n.d. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

Reach Out Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded by the late Paul Walker. He first created this website after helping respond to the massive earthquakes in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Paul Walker believed that there was a huge and disturbing gap between the availability skilled volunteers and resources in post disaster situations. So he partnered up with STIHL to devote helping victims of natural disasters and making sure that they get access to skillful workers and paramedics to help and support them through a very difficult time. He provides project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, firefighting, EMT, paramedics, healthcare, and etc and takes the time to go out and physically help build homes and help heal the sick. This website has taught me that some philanthropist who create non-profit organization do not just sit back and give out money but become active participates in fighting for the cause.

"Becoming a Philanthropist 5: steps." Huffingtonpost. N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website talks about the quick and easy steps to become a successful philanthropist. They talk about how in order to truly be successful you must be passionate in the cause you are trying to fund and don’t worry about just trying to give a check. This website is more uplifting and empower them to become great contributors. They talked about getting your issue known to lots of people and get them to understand why this is so important.

"How to be an inspired to Philanthropist." About. N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

This website talks about what it takes to become an inspiring philanthropist. It gives you the tips of what you need to help improve your leadership skills, helping to find a certain role that you can fit into in the non-profit, knowing that this is a time commitment, that you should join a board and etc. This website was just like a few others I saw that were created to inspire, and educate how to become a successful philanthropist.

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