Kyianna Thomas - Dance to the Beat !

  • My vision was for people to use dance to express themselves for when times get rough or when they just wanna let all their feelings out. First, I taught at my dance school Philly Movements Dance Company to kids ages 2-6. I taught ballet, tap, jazz, and tumbling. This was an experience that opened my eyes to dance. I learned that no matter what age you are dance helps you develop the type of person you are. Looking at the kids beautiful faces every Saturday was not easy because I had to deal with the screaming, crying, and the “ I want my mom” statement.  Then I created a mini course for the students at my school so that they would have a outlet. This mini course was so much fun. I may have screamed at them and told them that I was done but in reality I couldn’t just give up in them. I told them about all the problems that I was having leading up to the final performance. I learned that when trying to put on a show it would cause so many challenges and I would have to talk to adults about how everything would work out. They performed at the BSU 2nd Annual Gala which was a success. Future Advice for upcoming seniors, Use your resources to the best of your ability because the school, family and friends will be your guidance and help.

Annotated Bibliography

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  • This source will help my project because she was a black women to make it on tv. This will help my project because it will be a push that I can use to help my students. This source could also help with the way I would encourage my dancers. She was a dancer, choreographer, and tv director. Her leadership roles will impact me with the way I handle problems I will run into.

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  • My godsister will reflect on how kids ages 2-6 feel about dancing. When interviewing her I realized that this would be a perfect source because of the analysis she gave. In this source she talks about how much fun dance is and who her role model is. This would help my project by allowing me to understand young minds and what there into. It seem like kids this young are into the disney channel theme songs. It keeps them moving and grooving,

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  • This source helps my project because in this video a young lady presents about how dance is about movement. She talks about how we as people create dance moves everyday. The nature and the object we use everyday are a type of dance. It not about the movement it mainly about the emotion behind it.

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  • This source talks about the way you should hold your body when doing dance. It tell you about ways you won’t hurt yourself if you do it the proper way. This source will help my project when people ask about what is the right from wrong when from to position yourself the correct way.

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  • This source is all dancer terms. It gives you the ins and out when a dance teacher language. It also describes every term fully and the way it suppose to be done. This helps my project by giving me insight on what it means to expand my vocabulary. As well as help the dancer I teach who want to be in the professional field.

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  • This source helps me talk about the history behind dance. It will help with my style of teaching. I believe that this source will impact my project because it talks a lot about why dance was created and when dance started to become popular.

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  • Dance is a way to express themselves. This source helps with identifying how dance is involved in the community. This organization goes out into their community to get inspired by the neighborhood. This helps my project because of the collaboration that this organization creating with the world. This will help we learn how to get my students to interact with each other

8. Thomas, Tanisha. Interviewed by Kyianna Thomas. December 15,2018

  • This source reflects for the adults. This is one of the age groups my overall capstone is about. Then this will help with how adults feel about dance. This can also tell me house dance have changed over time. She will be able to talk about how dance was back then vs how dance is now. This source will be a direct feeling of one person eyes on dance from the adults.

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  • In this source you will see a young lady represent for the teenage group. This will help my project by providing the view from this age group. This will help me understand how the music of today impact the way we view dance. This will help my project by express how young people of today believe that there is not a lot of music today that involves actual dance. As of today this generation uses dance so negative.

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  • This source will help my project when it comes to me teaching. These explain the different styles of dance. This will help me with wanted to incorporate all styles in a production I want to put on. Style is just the way you identify who you are. This sources talks about the times these dances was created and the creator of the dance.